Do One Thing Well List 2021

Some products, some services, some experiences are just right. It’s hard to know how to make them simpler, more beautiful or more useful. They bring together innovation, tradition, and great design, to make something that is just right.

This list was put together to celebrate those who decide to ‘Do One Thing Well’, which it turns out is a rare thing. For us, it takes 75 different processes to make a pair of our jeans. And we only have to be world class at 75 of them. Eek.


Patagonia Round Toe Booties — Makes Dipping Your Toes A Little Easier.

Marane Shorts — Feel Comfortable.

Dry Robe — Toasty!

Patagonia Yulex Gloves—Reduces Numbness.

Finisterre Merino Base Layer — Have A Warm Layer Handy To Throw On.

Stanley Vacuum Insulated Bottle — Have Your Coffee Ready.

Patagonia Yulex Cap — Save Yourself The Brain Freezes.

Neals Yard Remedies Massage Oil — Helps To Get Your Boots On.

Magic Seaweed Online Weather/Wave Forecaster — Don’t Get Caught Out.

Flora Jamieson — Wild Swimming Book.


Thank you for making it all the way to the bottom of the list. It is a labour of love to build it.

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Our town is making jeans again. Founders: @DavidHieatt & @ClareHieatt Do one thing well.

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Hiut Denim Co

Hiut Denim Co


Our town is making jeans again. Founders: @DavidHieatt & @ClareHieatt Do one thing well.