Behind The Scenes.

The team headed to Poppit beach for a 6 am start to get there before the dog walkers. And catch that far West Wales sunrise. There’s nothing like it. Truly the Golden hour.

The aim: To build a catwalk filled with plastic bottles to highlight that the plastic we can see is not the only problem but that the plastic we cannot see is an increasing issue that we need to address. The release of our collaboration with Candiani denim and the world’s first micro-plastic free, biodegradable jean was the perfect time.

12 planks of scaffolding wood were carried down to the front. Loaned to us by the local builders down to the shorefront (Diolch Cardi builders).

The thing about Poppit Beach is that when the tide is out, it’s deceptively long. So just when the tide seemed like it was in sight, there was actually another 10 feet to go with those planks. Yup. No need for the gym that day.

Plastic bottles were spread. Local businesses had been collecting over the past few weeks (Thank you to them all). What seemed like a huge number of bottles in the factory, looked quite small on Poppit. Thought-provoking for the next time you see bottles on the beach.

Planks in place. Stakes hammered in. Bottles on the catwalk. Time for the drone to go up.

Our models, Tom and Sara began the shoot. They made walking on a sea of plastics bottles look easy. But. We can tell you: it is not.

Hairy moment. Ocean came up to greet the bottom of the runway. Bit of a mad dash to make sure none of the bottles were taken away on the tide.

Bottles safely moved up the runway, the shoot continued.

After Jacob expertly landed the drone, something makes us think he’s done this before. Clean up began. Bottles packed up. Planks carried back for the builders to collect (had the beach stretched on the walk back? It sure felt like it).

The beach was left as the team had found it. Yup. Just as the dog walkers began arriving.



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Our town is making jeans again. Founders: @DavidHieatt & @ClareHieatt Do one thing well.